Senior Services

What’s Your Gameplan For Retirement?

The end of our working lives is a time of significant financial decision making. Our experts can guide you through this process. Whether it’s making sense of your Medicare options, developing a game plan to combat the high cost of long term care or finding creative solutions to passing on your wealth to your heirs, we’ve got you covered.


Medicare Plans – Better Options

Transitioning from a traditional insurance plan to Medicare can often be confusing. Understanding how Medicare plans work in your area is crucial to ensuring that you maintain high quality health care when you need it the most. Our agents are educated and fully versed on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans and can guide you to make the right choice.

Long Term Care

It is estimated that 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 every day for the next 15 years. Now more than ever it is crucial for retirees to create a plan to combat the high cost of a long term care stay. With many different solutions at our disposal, our agents are able to walk you through your choices and develop a sensible game plan that suits your needs.


Retirement Income

Do you have idle assets sitting in underperforming bank accounts?  We can help there too. With bank interest rates sitting at all-time lows, many retirees are seeking a better return on their assets while maintaining a moderate or low risk tolerance.  We offer several annuity options that can improve your rate of return while preserving your capital.  Ask us how.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process that involves planning for your future needs and those of your family, both in life and at death. For complex cases, it can require a team of professionals including an attorney, an accountant and an insurance professional.  Our experts are experienced in developing insurance solutions to help families pass on the maximum amount to their heirs.


Senior Dental, Vision & Chiropractic

Finding quality medical care is not the only health concern in retirement.  Dental, vision and quality chiropractic care are also important elements to a healthy retirement lifestyle. We offer both full service plans and discount plans.  We can find a cost effective solution that fits your retirement budget.