Business Owners Services

Is Your Business Protected?

As a business owner every facet of your enterprise flows through you.  Whether it’s finding quality health coverage for your employees or taking the time to put a plan in place to ensure that your business is not derailed by the premature death or disability of a key employee or shareholder. We offer solutions to protect your bottom line.


Group Benefits – Health & Dental

In an unstable economy and constant changes with health care reform, our experts are on top of each new development and trend within our industry. We can design a plan that fits your budget and provide the service needed by your company to ensure your employees remain productive and not bogged down by service issues with inferior carriers.

Succession Planning – Buy & Sell Agreements

If you own all or part of a business you should know about buy-sell agreements.  Unless you plan to be lucky forever, you’d better have one.  Without one, a closely held business faces a world of financial and tax problems on an owner’s death, incapacitation, divorce, bankruptcy, sale or retirement.


Key Man Insurance

Key man insurance is simply a life insurance on a key person in a business that makes it successful. In a small business, this can be the owner, the founders or possibly a key employee or two. These are the people who are crucial to a business, the ones whose absence would create significant financial problems.


We have financing options available through our partners at Finance Store.  Whether it is startup capital for a new venture, leasing options for new equipment or an unsecured loan to weather a financial storm, we can help when you need it the most.


Human Resources & Payroll Services

Millions of businesses have been disappointed by inadequate and expensive H.R. and payroll providers. Harmony Socal Insurances Services partners with Employers Resource, a company that provides effective and imaginative payroll, compliance, benefit and human resources solutions for small and mid-size businesses nationwide.