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Impaired Risk Services

Do you have a pre-existing condition that has gotten you turned down for life insurance? We can help you find affordable coverage to protect your loved ones.

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Of Americans said their family would feel the financial impact of the death of the primary breadwinner in 6 months or less,

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With 29% saying it would only take 1 month for them to be in financial trouble

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Are You Prepared For Retirement?

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Create a sensible game plan to combat the high cost of long term care.

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Put your financial affairs in order to create a legally sound estate plan.

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Learn about Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.

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These can be expensive medical concerns in retirement.

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Life Insurance Solutions With Pre-Existing Conditions

With our impaired risk services, we specialize in getting an offer for coverage from highly rated carriers for clients with pre-existing conditions.


Each form of cancer has its own unique features. Survival from one form of cancer can be much higher than for another. Some forms of cancer require a two-year waiting period, while other forms may require over ten years from the last date of treatment before a company will consider you for life insurance.

Diabetes Melitus

Getting life insurance with diabetes will depend on the type of diabetes and the severity of the disease, how well it is being controlled and for how long it has been controlled.

Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease depends on the severity of the case. Someone who has battled and taken a turn for the better may qualify for a standard rating at best, while others may quality for a below standard rating.

Stroke or TIA

Approval will depend severity of the stroke, the damage done, how long it has been since your episode, how well you are currently taking care of yourself, what medications you are taking, and what the medications are treating.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Most insurance companies will want to see a successful “history of sobriety” prior to approving a recovering alcoholic or drug abuser for life insurance.

Weight Issues

Some carriers are more liberal than others when it comes to weight issues. Having weight issues with another complication such as hypertension or diabetes may lead to a difficult underwriting.

If you don’t see your condition, give us a call and let us see if we can help find an affordable protection plan for you and your family.