Impaired Risk Services

Life Insurance Solutions
With Pre-Existing Conditions

The diagnosis of a serious disease can be the trigger for many to begin thinking about purchasing life insurance, however because of this diagnosis, many clients are turned down by life insurance companies when their need and concern for their families is the greatest. With our impaired risk services we specialize in getting an offer for coverage from highly rated carriers for clients with pre-existing conditions.

Below are conditions that we may be able find coverage for if you have a documented history of following your doctors prescribed treatment protocols:

Abnormal EKG

Alcohol Abuse


Cancer (In Remission)



Coronary Artery Disease

Diabetes Mellitus

Drug Abuse

Elevated Liver Functions

Heart Attack


Morbid Obesity

Stroke or TIA

If you don’t see your condition, give us a call and let us see if we can help find an affordable protection plan for your family.